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About Us


The Gloves is a Internationally Recognized, Multi Award Winning Party Band

What we’re all about.
Founded in 2002, The Gloves have been raising the bar in the Italian and international events industry ever since. We are passionate musicians who are also passionate about creating unforgettable events and lasting memories. Our talent, experience and eye for detail guarantees that every event The Gloves help to create is seamless and stress-free, so that our all-important clients can focus on enjoying the whole experience rather than worrying over the fine details.

Where it all began.
Starting out in life as young lovers,and students of music, we started playing together in 2002. Sharing a love of performing, we always had a unique style, we just ‘clicked’ straight away,  and those small pub gigs quickly turned into requests to perform at larger private events and even festivals. We were, and still are, so entranced by seeing the full dance floors and joy that we could bring to people, that The Gloves party experience was born. So, we perfected our event planning, expanded our repertoire, added members to the band – and the rest is history!

We have performed more than 1500 successful shows throughout Italy and abroad but have not lost sight of the passion and dreams of those years gone-by. Actually, we are continuing to grow and dream.  Proudly we have won multi internationally recognized awards and are also the only wedding band in official partnership with Yamaha in Italy.



Every great band needs soul and Leo is the soul of the Gloves!

Performing as lead vocals and band coordinator, Leo is a big, powerful and versatile singer in every sense, capable of conquering any genre, from classic arias to soulful ballads, from 60’s pop to modern day rock –  you name it: Leo can sing it! Add this to his natural ability as a born entertainer and you have a front man to die for
He boasts more than 1,500 live performances just with the Gloves alone and twenty years of experience. Graduating in sound engineering at “Percentomusica” in Rome, Leo is now also the band coordinator, manager and marketing guru however, he always remains , unquestionably, that larger-than-life performer who just loves to entertain!

Il Conte


The Count (il Conte) began his musical life as a classical guitarist at “Licinio Refice” Conservatory in Frosinone. He specialized in electric guitar at “Percentomusica” in Rome, and “Rock Guitar Academy” in Milan.
A flawless guitar professional, capable of rocking any style. He’s
always the first to hit the dance floor and his pelvis movements are as fast and effective as his fingers on the guitar.
His career has accumulated more than fifteen hundred concerts with the Gloves in almost twenty years.
He is the owner of, and teaches and directs at, the successful Guitar Planet Academy in Alatri, Rome.



“Sir Charles” is the bassist and double bass player of The Gloves , as well as our ‘super-roadie’ thanks to his vast experience as an audio and lighting technician.
He studied multi-style electric bass at the “Saint Louis College of Music” in Rome and at “Licinio Refice” Conservatory in Frosinone.
He is well known nationally after having collaborated with many bands and having hundreds of concerts, performed in many different styles of music, under his belt.
Always up for fun, Sir Charles  hallmark is his witty jokes and leg-pulling … be careful to strike up a conversation with him!
He currently teaches exclusive electric bass and guitar lessons privately.



“Ciprox” is the non-stop engine of the band. A talented, energetic drummer and our own personal ‘Diva’! He studied multi-style drums at the “Saint Louis College of Music” in Rome,before graduating in jazz  at “Licinio Refice” Conservatory in Frosinone.
He has played hundreds of gigs with rock, fusion and jazz bands.
Ciprox is currently teaching drums at public and private schools and, during his free time, he also works as gigolo for the ladies … but that’s another story!



Legolas (Matteo Costanzi) is one of the youngest members of the band, playing trumpet with The Gloves since 2020. His sound, bright and powerful, is easily recognizable and is the icing on the cake of the energetic wind section.
Legolas graduated in classical trumpet at “Licinio Refice” Conservatory in Frosinone and perfected himself in jazz improvisation through many masters and specific courses. He also studied with of Fabrizio Bosso (one of the most famous Italian trumpet players). Somebody says he’s from a noble family. Legolas currently works as Trumpet teacher in Frosinone and Rome, and member of several orchestras.



Nebbia (Riccardo Nebbiosi) has been blowing on The Gloves saxophone for several years.
Graduated in jazz saxophone at the Conservatory of “Licinio Refice” in Frosinone, he played in many bands including famous Italian orchestras. He has played for Gerardo Di Lella and Amii Stewart, and he collaborated with great names in Jazz such as Di Battista, Pieranunzi, Corvini, Tiso, Spadoni.
He also participated in the Umbria Jazz festival (the most important italian jazz festival).
Although specialized in the baritone sax, he plays the tenor sax in the wind section of the Gloves giving color and creativity, thanks also to his inexhaustible irony that nobody understands.



‘Zangrillo’ is our powerful, booming trombonist. His sound is unmistakable from miles away and is generated by his zest for lemons and life.
Graduating in trombone at “Licinio Refice” Conservatory of Frosinone and specializing in orchestral music, he has completed very important master classes during his career.
Currently the artistic director, and conductor of the Marching Band of Monte Scalambra and , also, Vice-Dean of “Liceo Musicale” di Colleferro (RM).
Zangrillo is a member of the Italian Cinema Orchestra and he also plays for the world-famous ‘Christian De Sica’ and ‘Claudio Baglioni’ orchestras.



il Samba has been playing piano and keyboards in The Gloves band since 2019.
Musician of great talent and creativity, he knows how to play cool harmonies for the band with his hands.
Graduated in classical piano at “Licinio Refice” Conservatory of Frosinone, a student with the famous pianist Gilda Buttà (Ennio Morricone), he perfected himself with masterclasses in jazz piano and graduated in musical composition.
If you don’t find him on stage, you will probably find him playing online at his smartphone… he’s a professional gamer!

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